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DeviantART is turning 14 this year! (Are they freshmen in high school now?) Anyway, to commemorate this occasion, the lovely folks here at dA asked the deviants (that's us) to create a journal entry, detailing our history as deviants. They asked that we feature at least five of our deviations, and say a little something about them. Here goes!

1.Samuel "Sam" by alien500 I have to feature this, as much as the drawing is terrible. Why? Because it was my first post EVER on dA!

2.Jesus Died on a Tree by alien500 I am a Christian, so I created and shared this with the community. I think it's pretty neat. :meow:

3.Scream by Me by alien500 THE SCREAM!! The original is one of my favorite paintings, so I re-did it myself and dumbed it down a little. I like this.

4.I am Above by alien500 This was submitted for the "Above the Influence" event. The rules were basically to fill up the template with things relating to being "Above." Plus, dA sent me a free t-shirt for participating! :w00t:

5. Cordelia's Mission     My name is Cordelia, but my friends call me Cord. I'm a bounty hunter. You know, like Dog the Bounty Hunter? I bring the bad guys in and get paid. I like what I do. It has its challenges, but what job doesn't, right?
     Anyway, I just got back from the toughest mission of my career. I thought it was going to be another "grab 'em and tab 'em" sort of thing. Boy, was I wrong. But enough with the prologue, just let me tell the story.
     It was just another day. A Wednesday actually. I go into the office and receive my work for the day. Usually I get at least three different jobs a day, but that day I only got one. So I think to myself, "Cool, I'll get off early today." I was to bring in one of the head guys of the local Italian mafia at around 3:00 in the afternoon when he would be alone at his house. Easy enough. So I grab my usual gear: handcuffs, my mace, my taser, and my pepperball gun (basically a gun
This was my first ever COMMISSION!! This was so much fun, and my "customer" really loved it!

6.My New Favorite Badge by alien500 MY NINJA LLAMA BADGE!!! Sorry, I just think it's badazz.

7.My House of Pain by alien500 One of the first full songs I ever wrote. (I say full because I'd written some others, but they were never finished.)

8.Always by alien500 This song I wrote many months ago (October, I think?) and I actually performed it at my high school graduation!

9.Jimi Hendrix-Words of a Legend by alien500 And finally, good ol' Jimi Hendrix. The quote in the picture has been my dA signature forever now. It's just really inspirational. :)

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed looking at this as much as I did throwing it together. You should throw one together yourself!

'til next time...
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